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About The Book

Let’s get practical – How do real women live out God’s plan in 21st-century marriages?

Too often submission is represented as repressive servanthood, rather than a voluntary desire to empower a husband’s leadership. And as with many things in our culture, this view of submission has found its way into our churches and marriages. In reality, women desperately want to experience the graceful waltz where both the husband and wife are in harmony – each ‘dancing’ their God-given role. But all too often, there are no realistic, Godly models from which to draw.

Author and speaker Cindy Easley surveyed ordinary women and asked, “How does this work for you?” Specifically, how do women live out submission in her particular situation? These are their stories, from caring for a chronically ill husband to living with a nonbeliever. Each example will help married or engaged women gain appreciation for God’s will for marriage and learn to dance with the one they love.

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What others are saying…

For many wives the “S” word makes marriage iffy.  She wants to be loved, but what if she has to say “yes-sir” the rest of her life?  Our incredibly down-to-earth friend Cindy Easley de-mystifies the whole submission puzzle through delightful real-life accounts that every spouse should read.”  Howard and Jeanne Hendricks, Dallas

“Cindy’s candid approach to the topic of submission is so refreshing!  What I love about this book is the way Cindy eaves biblical instructions for loving submission with practical illustrations for daily living.  You will be encouraged by her authenticity, inspired by her example, and challenged as you apply the truth presented here.”  Dennis and Barbara Rainey, Cofounders of FamilyLife

“Cindy has written a fine book on submission – a tough subject for many women.  The reader will not only find this book a good biblical reference on the subject but will find hope and help through reading the chapter interviews of women in challenging marriages.  The question and answer section is invaluable.”  Karen Loritts, Women’s conference speaker and Bible teacher

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